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Friday, December 31, 2010

~ all about him ~

15 reason why i love you ..

1.  I like you
2. I need you
3. I cant forget you
4. I love the way you smile
5. How u always know what to say when i get mad at you .
6. HOW i can never hate you
7. HOW u can forgive me when i do wrong
8. THE way u get my attention
9. U always make me clumsy
10.I love how cute u are when u get nervous lol ..
11.YOU love me even with all my faults
12.YOU know how to bring smile on my face :)
13 .I love how i feel so happy when im with you
14. YOU always make me smile alone when im texting with you
15. I love so much.

U always on my mind no matter how hard i try to forget you i just cant cause i love you so much .

But im so sure that you will be happy with someone else .
See u happy makes me happy even more . i'll just keep the pain in my hearts. smile always n try to forget the pain 

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